Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Tours

Sunshine Coast Snake Catching Tours from $349

Have you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a Snake Catcher for a day!?!?

Well, now you can. With our own Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Tours.

This is a world first tour and was something that took us a while to achieve and after high demand, is back for a second season to provide this awesome experience to the public

first hand a day in the life of a Professional Snake Catcher here on the Sunshine Coast!
Young kid getting up close with snake catcher
An adventure

you won’t forget joining Aussie Snake Wrangler’s Stuart McKenzie on a day of snake wrangling

Watching on a python is pulled out of pool
Get up close
and personal with a range of Snakes species local to the area
Stoked lady handling common tree snake on tour
Opportunity of a life time
having the chance to touch, handle and release non-venomous snakes
Harley handling non venomous carpet python on snake catching tour
Personal Photographer and Videographer
to capture your day and experiences, including edited package for you to keep and share with family and friends
Mum and Daughter hold python on snake catching tour
Snake Catcher Merch Pack

including posters, stubby cooler, hat and snake bandage!

Explaining the Informative snake poster
Ride along
with Stu and the team in the snake mobile on this very personalised tour
Stu and Moby jump into the snake catching car
Fully Licensed and Insured
We have the appropriate permits and insurance to provide these awesome Sunshine Coast snake catcher tours and cannot wait to have you join us on our tour
Lady holds tree snake with confidence on tour

My husband gave me a “Snake Catching Tour” with Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers as my Christmas present 2020. There were two of us ladies out that day with Stu and Westy and found them as relaxed, friendly and down to Earth as they appear on TV! I quite like snakes and really appreciated learning so much from them in between the many house visits we made on the day. No question was too silly! The phone calls came in thick and fast, often whilst Stu would be mid-rescue with a snake – but they never hesitated, and were kept busy for most of the day. We went to several house calls and collected a few pythons, and also released them (along with a couple of small brown snakes caught the day before) into healthy, safe habitats nearby. We were allowed to handle a couple of the pythons and release them ourselves, and Westy recorded this on video as well as taking several photos which they sent to us at a later date as a memento of our experience. We had a couple of calls to homes where despite very thorough searching from the guys, (and we kept a keen eye out from a safe distance also) were unable to find the sighted snake which had likely moved on. All in all it was a fantastic experience to spend a day in the life of these calm professionals, and I was surprised at just how busy they can be with around 14 phone calls just in the few hours we spent with them.
I would thoroughly recommend spending the day with these guys and learning lots about these incredible creatures whether you are a snake lover, or maybe just looking to get over your fears!! I had an amazing time – and would love to do it again!

Sonya Jurotte

Kathlyn and I had an amazing adventure with you and we can’t wait to be able to come visit the Sunshine Coast again and do the tour again!

My 16 year old daughter is a reptile lover. And this tour didn’t disappoint. It was the best tour we did while we were on holidays in the Sunshine Coast. And we will definitely do it again, on our next visit! 10 out of 10 for reptile lovers. And if you are afraid of snakes, there is no safer way to face your fears, and learn heaps about these amazing animals.
I highly recommend this tour, you never know what snakes you will see Stu wrangle but it’s definitely worth the adventure.

Tonya Richards

I was lucky enough to spend the day with Stu and Westy. snake catching. Stu and Westy were a wealth of knowledge, explaining about how tell species of snakes apart, how snakes need to be released in the same areas to survive, how to snake proof our yard, snake bite first aide, and an endless list of really cool snake facts.

It was an experience I will never forget, and one I would happily do again and again!

Peter Burness

I took my son on a snake catcher tour for my son's birthday and to be honest I didn't know what to expect. It ended up being one of the best things we have done. We released 5 pythons and relocated several other snakes to the wild and you couldn't get the smile off my son's face. Stu and Westy were such relatable and down to earth guys. We completely recommended it. I'll be back with my other sons.

James and Zephyr Smith - Landsborough

Before I went on the snake tours with Stu and Westy I was afraid of snakes, until I did the snake tours with them. Now I can touch them with less fear!

Mary-Ellen Fraser

My kids got it for me for my birthday.... Had an awesome day getting to hold and release the snakes... Loved it and will definitely do it again

Vix Lee