Sunshine Coast Snake ID

Your Ultimate Snake ID Guide For Snakes Found On The Sunshine Coast & Surrounds.

The Sunshine Coast is the perfect place to live, work rest and play for people and snakes.  We receive a lot of calls from members of the public asking us to identify snakes they have stumbled across during their day.

How To Use This Snake ID Guide

The purpose of this Snake ID guide is to help you identify snakes found across the Sunshine Coast.  Once you have identified a snake you can click on the relevant image and find out more information about the species.  In this guide you will find out a lot of information about each snake ranging from their diet, differences in appearance, habitat and whether it is venomous.

Never Interact With Snakes

Remember, as well as being illegal, interacting with snakes without the proper certification and experience can be extremely dangerous.  If you’re still unsure of the type of snake you’re faced with, please call us.

Non Venomous

Spotted Python

Keelback Snake

Common Tree Snake

Coastal Carpet Python


Lesser Black Whip Snake

Stephen’s Banded Snake

Bandy Bandy Snake

Dwarf-Crowned Snake

Golden-Crowned Snake

White-Crowned Snake

Rough-Scaled Snake

Eastern Small-Eyed Snake

Red-Bellied Black Snake

Eastern Brown Snake

Brown Tree Snake

Yellow-Faced Whip Snake

Other Common Sunshine Coast Reptiles Found On The Sunshine Coast

Verreaux’s Skink

Burton’s Legless-Lizard

Common Scaly-Foot

Lizard Species