Coastal Carpet Python

The Coastal Carpet Python, with out a doubt the most common snake that I encounter on call outs here on the Sunshine Coast! These guys grow on average to around 2 meters however specimens have been found around the 4 meter mark! That’s Huge! Carpet Pythons are active both day and night and are great climbers! This species occupies all habitats from dense rainforest to dry woodland areas and are commonly found in suburban backyards. They are often encountered in roof spaces of homes around the Sunny Coast controlling rodent numbers!

They are a heavy bodied species with highly variable, mottled and blotched patterns and colours over the whole body. Belly is usually creamy/white colour. Carpet pythons will often try and enter bird cages, chook pens and also guinea pig enclosures in an attempt to get an easy feed so be sure to check your pets enclosures for holes and gaps that a snake may be able to get into. Snake catchers often get called out to rescue a pet from a Carpet python that has entered its enclosure, and in some situations the Carpet python will eat the pet bird or guinea pig and wont be able to get out so please be sure to snake proof your pets enclosure.

Larger specimens may feed on smaller cats and dogs and even large bats or possums! Although this species is not venomous and not considered dangerous to humans, a bite may still cause substantial lacerations and punctures to the skin due to their mouthful of teeth.

Just remember guys snakes should only be handled or relocated by people with the appropriate permit or license to do so!
For more information on the Coastal Carpet Python click here – Queensland Museum: Coastal Carpet Python!

Coastal Carpet Python with tongue out
Stuart holding lots of snakes
Coastal Carpet Python Curled Up
Coastal Carpet Python in Animal House
Python Curled into a ball
Large Coastal Carpet Python
Coastal Carpet Python Eating Mammal
Python in BBQ
Snake moving along garage wall
Snake Curled in Green Plant
Snake moving across grass
Snake Curled indoors on tiles