Golden-Crowned Snake

The Golden Crowned Snake, this species is rarely encountered by snake catchers on the Sunshine Coast. This species is considered weakly venomous. The Golden Crowned Snake grows on average to around 50cm but larger specimens have been found around 90cm long.

They are active during the night and usually found in moist areas associated with rainforest or rivers/stream, environments that have a good dense layer of ground cover present. Body colour is darkish brown on top with a pinkish/reddish belly. There is a line of black spots down the belly midline.

Creamy/yellowish stripe around the side of the head meeting at the snout. This strip resembles a ‘crown’ however the band does not extend across the nape of the neck.
Just remember guys snakes should only be handled or relocated by people with the appropriate permit or license to do so!

Raised Golden-Crowned Snake with Tongue out
Golden Crowned Snake looking ahead
Golden Crown Snake Moving on Grass
Golden-Crowned Snake