What to do if you see a snake



Remember to keep ‘the snake catcher’ number easily accessible – saved in your phone, on the fridge etc, because if you see a snake it will make it much less stressful if you know exactly where the number is!

We can all live happily alongside snakes, we just need to give them the respect they deserve

For information about first aid courses and how to treat a snake bite please click on the link below: http://www.firstaidcoursesqld.com.au/



This is extremely important. Snakes are more scared of you than you are of them. The snake has probably seen you as well and will most likely retreat to a nearby area for cover. If it does not retreat the snake is probably still enjoying basking and soaking up the suns rays. There is a Myth going around that snakes ‘chase people’, this is not true at all. It is very important that people understand that snakes WILL NOT actively chase you so if you keep your distance it will more than likely move on elsewhere in its own time. CALL 0408545440


This is very important as the more relaxed you can keep yourself and others around you better the outcome will be. If the snake feels cornered or threatened then it will most likely defend itself. Especially important to keep young kids and pets away from the snake as the snake may be highly venomous and young kids and pets can become very curious so its best to keep them away from the area until the snake is relocated. 95% of snake bites occur when people are trying to catch or kill the snake so if the snake is left alone then the snake is not dangerous. A snake only becomes dangerous when people try and mess with it! DO NOT kill the snake, it is illegal and carries with it thousands of dollars in fines. DO NOT try and catch or move the snake on yourself, leave that to a professional. CALL 0408545440


This is very important especially if you wish to identify the snake species or if you wish for it to be relocated. I recommend that if the snake is inside you get a snake catcher to come and relocate it, if the snake is outside in your yard and you are happy for it to be there then let it be. If it is a dangerously venomous species like an Eastern Brown Snake I would recommend you get it relocated elsewhere. Most snakes that you find outside will either move on by them self in their own time or they may have lived around humans with no issues in the past so leaving them there should be fine!


If you are happy with the snake living in your yard and just wish to get the snakes Identification then best to try and take a photo of the snake if it is safe to do so and send it through to me, or you can call me directly and describe the snake to me. CALL 0408545440. A 100% Identification can only happen if you send me a photo. You can also head straight to the SNAKE ID/GALLERY section on my website to find out information and view pictures of all the snake species found on the Sunshine Coast.


If you wish for it to be relocated then give me a call straight away on 0408545440, but make sure you try and keep an eye on the snake as this will make it much easier for me to find and catch when I arrive. Snakes can move quite fast especially when they are at their optimal body temperature, so if the snake disappears into a bush or under an object then keep an eye on the exit points until I arrive. If the snake is inside it is important to keep an eye on the snake until the snake catcher arrives. Snakes are extremely good at moving between rooms or exiting areas without detection. If you don’t feel comfortable watching the snake or if you don’t feel safe keeping an eye on it try and isolate it by keeping it in one room. This can be done by shutting the door and jamming a damp towel underneath the door! There is no guarantee of catching the snake, especially if you don’t know the snakes location so best to keep an eye on it!

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