Lizard Species

The Sunshine Coast is home to many species of reptiles. Majority of the calls we receive are for snakes, however we occasionally get called out to catch and relocate lizard species often mistaken as snakes. The two main lizard species we relocate are the Lace Monitor and the Blue Tongue Lizard. Blue Tongue Lizards are often mistaken for snakes and will often enter homes in search of food, shelter or water. They are very common to be found in residential backyards and don’t pose a threat to you at all. If you have a dog or a cat I would highly recommend getting the lizard relocate for the lizards safety.

Lace monitors are also very common on the Sunshine Coast. Lace monitors are one of the largest lizards in Australia and can grow to well over 2m in length. These large goanna’s will often enter Sunshine Coast homes and roofs in search of food and they are a lizard that you don’t want to mess with. They are often seen scavenging around Chicken coups in search of chicken eggs.

They have very sharp claws and a mouthful of sharp teeth so please do not try and catch them yourself. Lace Monitors are often seen at popular picnic spots and campgrounds. If you have a Lace monitor hanging around your home or in your roof then please give me a call as I am happy to come and relocate it for you. I relocate Lace monitors anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

Stuart McKenzie holding a Lizard
Stuart Holding a Lizard
Lizard moving over rocks
Lizard Being held by Stuart McKenzie