Common Tree Snake

The Common Tree Snake (Green Tree Snake), with out a doubt one of the most commonly seen snake species by residents and snake catchers here on the Sunny Coast. These guys are completely harmless. They are active during the day and are great climbers! The Common Tree snake will often enter homes through small cracks and gaps in the house in search of food and shelter! These guys grow on average to around 1.2 meters in length. The Common tree snake is found in a variety of different habitats including rainforest areas, woodland environments, thickly vegetated riverbanks and will often be seen in tropical gardens and lush backyard settings.

They have a very slender body with quite large eyes relative to its head size. They have a large colour variation which includes the upper body being green, grey, olive, black and occasionally blue in colour. When scales on body are spread out the skin between the scales may show as a light sky blue colour. These blue flecks are often seen especially after consuming a meal larger than its body diameter or when displaying a defensive pose when threatened. Their belly colour is usually a yellowy/creamy colour with bright yellow on the throat.

Common Tree Snakes are frequently encountered by Sunshine Coast residents as they mainly feed on gecko’s, frogs and skinks which are all commonly found around the home. They will emit an odour if they feel threatened, it’s not the greatest smell to have on your hands or clothes!

Just remember guys snakes should only be handled or relocated by people with the appropriate permit or license to do so!
For more information on the Common Tree Snake click here – Queensland Museum: Common Tree Snake

Common Tree Snake up close
Common Tree Snake wrapped on arm
Common Tree Snake on Grass Lawn
Common Tree Snake held in hand
Snake moves over large bolder
Common Tree Snake wrapped around branches
Snake Wrapped around tree truck
Common Tree Snake on lawn